How A Jump Rope Workout Helps Basketball Players


Developing incredible speed and quickness is a huge advantage that comes from doing a regular jump rope workout.  This is one of the reasons that serious basketball players use them in their routines.  Although a rope workout can have many side benefits, for basketball, the speed and agility are what come in most handy.  As a player, you can feel hopeless when you have to play someone that is just quicker than you.  You feel like there’s nothing you can do when another player is so quick that they run circles around you. 

Any competitive player wants to be the one that is faster, quicker and more agile.  They want to be the one that others fear playing against.  They want to be the best out there.  For this reason, many good coaches have encouraged their players to use a jump rope workout.  A good basketball coach knows that an old-fashioned jump rope workout will speed up the feet, develop overall quickness, and increase hand/eye coordination.

A jump rope workout causes the athleticism of a player to increase greatly.  It takes dedication to keep up with the rope routines, but it really can be very simple to start.  You can get loosened up and ready for practice by warming up for a few minutes with the rope.  This causes the arms and legs to loosen up and get the blood pumping the extremities.

It’s true that most players don’t use a jump rope workout in their practices or daily routines, which means that they aren’t putting in the effort to be as good as they could be.  This is where you can dominate and become better, faster, and more agile.  You’ll start to see immediate results in foot quickness, hand speed and better mental acuity.